Success Stories


Love that is TRUE

Wow, I am so overwhelmed with massive Joy and fulfillment! I had been on this site for over a year and didn't really meet anyone I was compatible with and just before all hope was lost, I was contacted by "my heart" Mabel. She invited me into her reality and as we both began communicating with each other, ALL THE RIGHT THINGS HAPPENED. The natural flow of "give and take", the mutual understanding, the endless admiration for each other, all landed perfectly into place.

When you meet the right person for you, everything that is wonderful and pure occurs naturally without the shackles of "what we thought we wanted". I knew deep in my heart, all that I wanted was to be in love with the right girl and for our mutual feelings to be real, and undeniable. I am so happy and thankful for this website being available to us who are spiritually aware. This site has successfully served it's purpose in my life, bringing to me someone who I can fully love, appreciate and take care of with my entire being.

Thank you sooo much! I am eternally thankful for this beautiful place bringing us "heart-centered folks" all together so that we can connect and rendezvous with Love..Love that is TRUE!!

Thank you!!